Essay about the word Comfortable in Comfortable Middle Class.

Definition of Comfortable starts with physical needs: food, shelter and safety.

Food - Comfortable means you have enough money and savings, that a trip to the grocery store is to buy nutritious food you like. This does not include premium steaks, lobster or other luxury foods.

There is no waiting for your next paycheck or limiting what food you buy, due to a shortage of money.

Shelter - You have a home with heating and now cooling. In my youth, you did without cooling and sweated a lot. Bedroom(s), bathroom(s), kitchen and living room. All other rooms are a luxury.

Having enough money to pay utilities, mortgage or rent without a panic attack or meltdown is defined as Comfortable.

Safety - My definition is limited to personal safety. You walk down local streets and enjoy your home without constant threat of being robbed or killed. Violence does happen, but it is rare.

For academic types, above definition is loosely based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Basic Physical Needs.

- - - -

I have added a few economic needs to Maslow's list.

Job - Obviously, having a steady well-paid job is the most important need to achieve a comfortable middle class life.

Savings - Comfortable middle class life depends on saving money. First an emergency fund and next a retirement fund. Start early and save. By early, I mean your first adult paycheck.

Insurance - You can rely on family, friends and the government in an emergency. I think insurance companies are more reliable.

Written By: Dennis Wilmeth
Published: 4/3/17
Revised: 8/26/17


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