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In ancient Greece, word for slave was doulos.

I will use "doulos" in this essay, because it does not have the understandably racial connotations of modern term "slave".

Ruling Class in Greece wanted a "Good Life", as espoused by Aristotle, with no hard physical labor. Doulos people did the hard labor.

Today's Comfortable Middle Class, Rich and "Too Rich" also want to avoid most hard physical labor of cooking, cleaning, raising children and yard work.

Reason is their time is too valuable to spend on manual labor. Accurate, if they turn their heads and not look at lives of poor people.

Today, "Good Life" means taking kids to day care, eating at restaurants, hiring cleaning people and lawn cutters.

Poor people in today's economic system perform physical labor at low wages.

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Based on this historical similarity, I have arrived at a conclusion.

While racial slavery no longer exists in USA, today's poor are the doulos of ancient Greece.

How to solve problem.

First, acknowledge it exists.

Solutions? Here are several:

  • Redistribute income with "Too Rich" paying higher taxes.

  • Raise minimum wage to living wage.

  • Encourage Benefit Corporations.

  • Establish workers Reserve program.

  • Continue movement to universal health care.

  • Elect more women to local, state and federal offices.

  • Lower cost of higher education.

  • Paid maternity leave.

Please suggest more items for this list.

Low wages is Economic Slavery.

Written By: Dennis Wilmeth
Published: 8/28/17
Revised: 11/3/17


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