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Education is most important factor for joining and staying in Comfortable Middle Class.

You need at least a high school degree.

If a university education is not possible or too expensive, I suggest an Associate degree from community college. From 2-3 years.

Apprenticeship. My wife has a college degree, but did an apprenticeship. She had a career as an electrician.

Technical degree from for-profit institution. From 1-2 years.

Certificate from community college or for-profit institution. Several months.

Moving up at your job. This means, in addition to working hard, you need to education yourself by self-study. Decide what skills your company needs and learn one of them.

With a vast pool of knowledge on the internet, self-study is a viable option to get an education.

I changed careers in my 40's by learning a new skill in database management mostly by self-study. I spent many a weekend night at bookstores reading and buying books I needed.

In considering these educational possibilities, think about costs. Hopefully your parents have some money in a college savings plan.

Four years in a university can require loans exceeding $100,000.

All options except self-study will cost you thousands of dollars. Get an education with smallest loan possible.

My job related educational experience began over 50 years ago in high school. Even then I knew the importance of education. I still use knowledge from high school. Good example is typing. Colleges like students to write papers.

So, I took a typing class in high school. It was me and 30 girls. I was shy around girls. While sitting here touch typing this essay, I'm thankful for the class. Not for my shyness.

- - - -

Last year I took classes from both a local university and a community college.

Things have not changed during my life or past several hundred years.

Teacher lectures to class. Students take notes. Except students now look at their social media accounts.

Is there a better way? I suggest lectures be moved to the internet.

Extra time professors get should be used to write and manage Wikipedia pages.

Wikipedia is where I start when I want an answer to a question. Information is of high quality. However, I would prefer it be written by professors.

If I were a university president, I would evaluate professors for tenure partly on their track record editing Wikipedia pages.

Universities must return to historical role as
prime source of knowledge. They must embrace
internet and improve its level of content.

Written By: Dennis Wilmeth
Published: 4/6/17
Revised: 7/1/17


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