elect women

Women are more caring, social and non-violent.

Since beginning of civilization men have been our leaders, because they are stronger and violent. Both necessary to hunt and wage war. Now machines have replaced strength and violence can lead to nuclear war.

Women have made great strides recently. I believe they are obligated to become political and business leaders.

Congress, legislatures and city councils in USA are controlled by men.

More women must run for political office. Party makes no difference.

I encourage women to form a coalition with minority groups including blacks, Hispanic and Asian to ensure they have a majority of voters.

Remember, white men are a minority in the United States.

When I talk to women, I tell them the only redeeming quality men have is their strength. So let us lift those grocery bags out of the car.

- - -

We are a unique moment in history. There are millions of highly educated, intelligent, successful and independent women in USA and worldwide.

Women in the USA must not ask for equality. They must take it by getting elected to Congress, Presidency and appointed to Supreme Court.

In european countries women have made great strides in leading the women's revolution. Time for women in USA to emulate them.

Isn’t democracy grand!


Women must take it.

Men will not give it to you.

Written By: Dennis Wilmeth
Published: 4/10/17
Revised: 10/2/18
Email: womenexcel@icloud.com


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