Greatest quote I ever heard came from my wife, Karen.

Shortly before our marriage, she said: "My job is to make you happy."

Being a man and slow in understanding, I thought wow. Can sit back and let her make me happy. It took two days, before I realized.

My job is to make her happy. If both of us are busy making the other person happy, we should have a great marriage. It has been.

This view of marriage applies equally to traditional and gay marriages.

- - - -

Men who want a happy marriage say: "Yes Dear"

Day-to-day minor decisions need to be made by someone. I respect my wife's judgment and she make these decisions. It eliminates minor arguments.

In gay marriages, decide who says "Yes Dear".

Major decisions should be resolved before people get married.

Questions like having kids, where to live and who has control of the money.

When I married Karen, a major issue was money. She had a lot. I had a little.

We used a prenuptial agreement to solve the problem.

Thanks to our lawyer, who kept talking about a fictitious woman named Bubbles. We agreed, if I ran off with Bubbles, I would return to having little money after divorce.

Love is thinking about your partner first.

Written By: Dennis Wilmeth
Published: 4/8/17
Revised: 7/1/17
Email: womenexcel@icloud.com


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