Local Gravity

In Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, gravity is regarded not as a force but a consequence of curved Space-Time geometry. This applies to stars, planets and black holes.

In my opinion, his theory should also apply to small masses on earth. What I call Local Gravity.

Best method to examine Local Gravity is to perform experiments based on Cavendish design as discussed in my "Local Gravity" essay.

Local Gravity Experiments

Below is depiction of Cavendish experiment. Remove torsion bar apparatus and hang weights from top. You have basic design of Cavendish type experiments I propose.

Local Gravity

Experiments can look at Local Gravity in a variety of ways.

Instead of two lead spheres. Start wih irregular shaped objects (2 or more). You could also compare a lead weigth with a foam weight. They would have radically different masses and hence different space curvatures.

These objects should be placed in an enclosed experimental box.

Variety of mediums can be used as a substitute for space. Air, air with smoke, misty air, water, vacuum or even a viscous liquid. Remember, we understand little about nature of space.

After establishing a baseline. Ojects can be moved about to detect Local Gravity.

Movement of objects should distort Space-Time for each arrangement of objects.

First use gravitaion measuring devices to identify changes in gravity.

Another possible measuring device would be a light meter and LED lights. Try different spectrum levels.

Try measuring changes in air pressure and possibly even use sonar detectors.

Consider different temperatures. From room to absolute zero that is temperature of space.

I could continue. My point is try variety of experiments with different designs and measuring devices.

Cavendish used torsion bars to measure gravity. I'm hoping above design concepts can also measure and possibly observe space curvature.

Einstein used curved space, because suns and planets are spherical.

Therefore gravitational fields could take many forms depending on shape of objects being examined in proposed experimnents.

Examing Space locally as Cavendish did may reveal more than looking at stellar Space

Generating Electricity

This is an extreme concept, but give it some thought.

If Local Gravity can be identified and manipulated, there is an opporunity to generate electricity.

If air or water can flow down equivalent of space curvature and then manipulated to flow upward, you have a miniature version of a dam.

Design a microscopic generator and you possiblity create a tiny flow of electricity.

Extremely difficult, yes. Possible?


I hope several researchers will partcipate in these experiments. If you are interested, please send me an email and I will help locate a physics research center that can coordinate and share results.

Please read these essays in sequence: Time - Local Gravity - Experiments

Written By: Dennis Wilmeth
Published: 12/3/18
Revised: 12/12/18
Email: wilmeth@verizon.net

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