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I propose an atomic clock experiment at the end of this brief essay. First, I will talk about Local Gravity.

Local Gravity is my name for gravity at a specific height above sea level or a local but small gravitational mass. Good example is a lead ball.

Cavendish Experiment

Though he did not call it Local Gravity, Henry Cavendish in his famous experiment in 1797-1798, calculated the gravitation pull between lead balls with a torsion balance.

This quote from Wikipedia explains the experiment:

The experimental apparatus consisted of a torsion balance with a pair of 2-inch 1.61-pound lead spheres suspended from the arm of a torsion balance and two much larger stationary lead balls (350 pounds). Cavendish intended to measure the force of Gravitational attraction between the two. He noticed that Michell's apparatus would be sensitive to temperature differences and induced air currents, so he made modifications by isolating the apparatus in a separate room with external controls and telescopes for making observations.

This experiment led to creation of the Gravitational Constant used by both Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein in developing their views of gravitation and time.

Gravitational constant, called G in physics equations, is an empirical physical constant. It is used to show the force between two objects caused by gravity. It appears in Sir Isaac Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation and Albert Einstein's General Theory of Relativity.

Atomic Clocks

Attomic clocks produce an accurate measure of time and are used for international time distribution services.

Problem with atomic clocks is time appears to run slower at higher elevations.

I believe these clocks can be modified for this apparent slow down by introducing local gravity.

Proposed Experiment

Take an atomic clock and run a higher elevation time experiment where time slows down.

Next, repeat experiment with a lead sheet beneath or surrounding the atomic clock.

My theory is Local Gravity from the lead will affect results. Time, depending on amount of lead, will return to normal or possibly speed up.

Written By: Dennis Wilmeth
Published: 10/27/18
Email: wilmeth@verizon.net


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