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Einstein created the term Space-Time Curvature in his Theories of General and Special Relativity. It explains gravity at a stellar level.

"Local Space Curvature" is my name for a theory of local gravity. It describes gravity on earth where small ojects move laterally towards each other.

Best method to examine Local Space Curvature, as defined in History of Gravity, is to perform experiments based on Cavendish design.

First experiment should use a torsion bar. Move 2 spheres laterally at different distances apart.

You should be able to determine when their combined space curvature ends or when gravity can no longer be detected.

As experiments proceed, remove tortion bar and find more precise ways to measure and possibly observe space curvatures.

Advanced experiments should use irregular shaped objects (2 or more). Compare a 2 pound lead weight with a 2 pound foam weight. Despite difference in size, they should have identical space curvatures.

- - - -

These experiments should be placed in enclosed experimental boxes.

Variety of mediums can be used as a substitute for space. Air, air with smoke, misty air, water, vacuum or even a viscous liquid. Remember, we understand little about nature of space.

After establishing a baseline. Ojects can be moved about to detect changes in space curvatures.

Movement of objects should distort space curvature differently for each arrangement.

Modern measuring devices should give more precise views of local space curvatures.

- - - -

I suggest using laser beams to detect light deviation caused by space curvature.

Try measuring changes in air pressure and possibly even sonar detectors.

Consider different temperatures. From room to absolute zero that is temperature of space.

I could continue. My point is to try variety of experiments with different designs and measuring devices.

Einstein wrote about Space-Time Curvature where suns and planets are spherical.

Local Space Curvatures could take many forms depending on shape of objects being studied.

If experiments are successful, we may see space curvatures of people.

Finally, remember we live in space. Only a thin atmosphere provides us oxygen to breath and support life.


I hope several researchers will partcipate in these experiments. If you are interested, send me an email and I will help locate a physics research center that can coordinate and share results.

Written By: Dennis Wilmeth
Published: 12/3/18
Revised: 1/12/19
Email: womenexcel@icloud.com

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