log 10 math

Humans use a Log 10 mathematical system. Hint it started with counting using the 10 digits on our hands (fingers and thumbs).

It is a surprising accurate system for numerically representing the universe.

I am astounded by Newton and Einstein theories when represented by mathematical equations.

However, I am concerned that reliance on Log 10 mathematics does not allow us to fully grasp how the universe functions.

However the universal started, it was not specifically intended to be explained by a Log 10 math system.

So I have a question. If we explore gravity and other features of the universe with a different math system can we understand it better?

With advent of superfast computers we can explore different mathematical explanations of the universe.

I will be whimsical for a moment and suggest a Log 27 math system. Why? Because 27 is an odd number and may deliver a different perspective than our even numbered Log 10 system.

There are an infinite number of math system we could use. What is your suggestion?

Is it a waste of time exploring alternative math systems. Probably. So give this assigment to graduate students.

Written By: Dennis Wilmeth
Published: 9/22/18
Email: womenexcel@icloud.com


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