Marriage is critical for living in the Comfortable Middle Class. For young people, I sound like an old guy talking about old ideas.

Maybe you are right. Listen to my arguments.

You marry for love. Two incomes is the key to a Comfortable Middle Class life.

That was true when I first married and has not changed in 50 years.

- - - -

While marriage has many benefits, I want to discuss unusual ones.

I talked about "stuff happens" earlier and want to expand on this topic.

“Stuff happens” can vary from long term illness to permanent injury or job loss. By job loss I do not mean the company you work for closes.

Sometimes it’s an entire industry and your job skills are no longer needed.

If single, you can quickly move from middle class to poor or even homeless.

If married, a partner's income can stop your fall into poverty.

Marriage with two incomes makes it easier to save towards retirement. At a minimum you get two social security checks.

My wife and I have a Comfortable Middle Class retirement. She is responsible. Again, I am lucky.

Money from her first adult paycheck went into a retirement fund.

Later she bought her parents home, that we live in. She paid off the mortgage years ago.

In retirement we have no debts, except for one zero interest car loan. I get social security. She has a generous union pension and will get social security in a few years.

My wife has lots of money in retirement accounts (mostly stocks). I have much less in retirement accounts.

Besides love, marriage lets you combine incomes.

Written By: Dennis Wilmeth
Published: 3/30/17
Revised: 5/10/18


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