Order is Time

Time and Mathematics

Here is a rough draft for my theory "Order is Time" with introductory comments about Time and Mathematics.

Passage of time is woven throughout the history of humans.

We accept the idea that time is a linear progression of events. From known past to a future, that has not yet arrived.

Time in my theory does not exist. It is simply a human abstraction.

Humans need Time to help us make sense of the world and our existence.

Those past events did happen, but our brain records them as simply events.

To make sense of these records, we need order. Hence we invented Time.

In the distant past we associated events with seasons.

At first we remembered a dramatic event that happened during the last harvest.

Eventually we cataloged events by years, months, hours, etc.

Simply said, we created segments of time based on the rotation of the earth and it's orbit around the sun.

Our Log 10 mathematical mathematical system is based on the 10 fingers and thumbs of our hands.

Mathematics is a set of tautologies. Numbers and operations are all true by definition.

Both time and mathematics are human abstractions.

Start of the Universe, Big Bang, is not based on our view of time or mathematics. We have used our abstractions to study it.


At atomic and quantum level of physics, you find order. There is also random behavior to be discussed more in next essay.

Electrons flow around protons and neutrons in all atoms except Hydrogen. I prefer not to use the term revolve.

This order is constant and immutable, unless impacted by outside forces.

I call this constancy - Time.

One dictionary definition of time is: indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole.

Humans divide this progress into segments they have defined like seconds.

To be more precise, my definition of time is not deterministic. There is no past, present or future. Only NOW that is now gone.

Despite claims of science fiction and some scientists, you will never be able to visit the past or future.

Newton and Einstein

As a non-scientist, my interest is philosophy, I accept Newton's Laws of Motion.

My acceptance is easy because Newton does not talk about Time. He talks about relationships between forces, mass and acceleration. No mention of Time.

Einstein Special Theory of Relativity talks about time and space-time continuum.

As a philosopher, I challenge his concept of time.

If I were a first year physics major, I would not become a second year physics major.

Since college, many decades ago, I have been amazed by Einstein's equation E = MC2

This equation shows equivalence of Energy and Mass. An idea which still boggles my mind.

Equation is derived from Newton's earlier equations.

Use of Speed of Light in Einstein's equation is logical because that would be the maximum possible level of energy in a singular event.

However, why the Speed of Light is squared to get Energy/Mass equivalence alludes me at a mathematical level.

Please, someone explain this to me.

Finally, I have an unscientific view of Einstein's equation. It is too neat and tidy.

I am a lover of quotes, especially by own.

Why is our Universe ordered? It has to be.

Time is a Human Abstraction.

Written By: Dennis Wilmeth
Published: 7/29/18
Email: wilmeth@verizon.net


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