Random vs Order

radom vs order

Our world is a complex mixture of random behavior and order.

At individual level, our birth depends on two random people until they met.

At a global scale, human behavior has an order. We divide ourselves into different countries, cultures, languages and religions.

- - - -

According to science, our universe started with a Big Bang billions of years. Sounds like a random event to me.

Many religions believe we live in an ordered world created by a diety.

Physics has it's version of Random and Order.

At a small scale, quantum physics, there is a high degree of random behavior. It's call Uncertainty Principal.

Order can be found in Newton's law of universal gravitation.

- - - -

Biology says evolution depends on random mutations in genetic material.

Sometimes this results in small changes in physical characteristics.

These changes allow a species to adapt to the enivronment and evolve to a new order.

- - - -

We live in a random world and want an orderly existence. Members of the Comfortable Middle Class try to achieve financial order. This makes it easier to have emotional order and happiness.

I am lucky to be in Comfortable Middle Class and work hard at having an orderly life.

Life is Random.

Written By: Dennis Wilmeth
Published: 7/15/17
Revised: 6/10/18
Email: wilmeth@verizon.net
Reddit: u/wilmeth


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