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Food, shelter and security are three human needs that are the responsibility of governments.

Successful governments provide minimal assistance for those who cannot work or struggle, whether because of physical or emotional problems.

Current example of government failure is Venezuela. Its citizens are losing weight because of food shortage.

People will revolt against this government before they starve to death.

What's surprising, wealthy democracies and dictatorships rely on capitalism to provide basic needs by offering jobs to most citizens.

An example is China. With its embrace of capitalism, economy has gone from agrarian to industrialized. This has lifted hundreds of millions of people from poverty to middle class and rich.

For communist and democratic governments to survive, they must ensure basic human needs are satisfied.

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Americans are now struggling with the issue: Is health care the fourth basic human need and who pays for it?

Congress is trying to pass new legislation on health care.

Whatever your opinion, this issue is permanent.

Government must satisfy basic human needs.

Written By: Dennis Wilmeth
Published: 7/10/17
Revised: 11/3/17
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