One of happiest words in English language is "Tomorrow". Somehow we all think tomorrow will magically be a better day. Not true.

At age 70 I live a Comfortable Middle Class life. Tomorrow will be much like today. I will wake up, go to my volunteer job or work on this website.

Sounds boring, but I enjoy it and have chosen this lifestyle. My wife and I have enough money and could move to another city, even country. We do not worry about bills, we simply pay them.

If either of us have health problems, our health insurance plan pays most of the cost. Remaining costs will be paid from our savings.

If our health declines permanently, long term health care insurance will pay for most of in-home or nursery home care.

Is it worth sacrifices to join and remain in the Comfortable Middle Class?


What exactly are the sacrifices. "A larger house?" Our house is actually too big for us. "Dining Out." Maybe once a moth, we eat at inexpensive restaurants. "Drinking at a bar?" I rarely drink, and a beer at home is enough for her.

"Expensive Vacation?" Of, course we miss them. We had one expensive vacation in the last 5 years. However, taking money out of savings to pay for one is too painful.

Could continue, but hopefully you agree being Comfortable is worth the effort.

Written By: Dennis Wilmeth
Published: 7/6/17
Revised: 6/2/18


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