Too Rich

too rich

Here is my list of economic classes.

Homeless - Homeless.

Poor - Not Comfortable. Scared is more accurate.

workers Reserve - Proposed. See essay below.

Middle - Comfortable if working.

Comfortable Middle - Comfortable when ill, disabled, after job loss and during retirement.

Upper Middle - Have bigger homes and expensive cars.

Rich - No longer needs to work.

Too Rich - Children and grandchildren never need to work.

More indicators of being Too Rich:

  • First home is larger than 10,000 square feet.
  • You have several European sport cars. Each one has 500+ horse power.
  • Own private jet. At least 6 seats.
  • Yacht you own is 75 feet long. Maybe 100+ feet is better.
  • Poodle named Fifi is your pet. She needs daily grooming.
  • Second home in Caribbean. Third home in Europe.
  • Personal financial manager is rich thanks to your money.
  • Son's first name is Baron or some other royal title.
  • Suits made by English tailor. Wife dresses from well know designers.
  • Pope kisses your finger ring.

Rich is OK, Too Rich is rebirth of Royalty.

Written By: Dennis Wilmeth
Published: 4/11/17
Revised: 8/25/17


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