Worker Reserve

worer reserve

In prior essay - Too Rich - there is an income group called Worker Reserve, which is based on the old Work Progress Administration (WPA). President Roosevelt established WPA in 1930's as part of his New Deal program.

It's goal was to put people to work, who lost their job in the Great Depression.

Modern version will help Poor and Middle class people, who can not find work.

Worker Reserve has these suggested features:

It's a Real Job - People work/train maximum of 8 hours per day.

Job Requirements - None.

You Can be Fired - There will be rules to follow. Do not disobey them.

Wage - Defined by each state.

Funding - Department of Labor's Unemployment Insurance (UI) programs will be initial source of funding. If you become unemployed under their programs, you will receive same check, but must report to Worker Reserve.

Jobs - Worker Reservists will work for governments and non-profits. It will not compete with existing companies or replace government employees.

New Deal for New Century.

Written By: Dennis Wilmeth
Published: 4/17/17
Revised: 5/8/18


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